Liam Williams vs Andrew Robinson

Boxing returns again to the BT Studio tomorrow evening at 7pm on BT Sport 1. In the feature battle, Liam Williams guards his British title against obligatory challenger Andrew Robinson.

Somewhere else on the stacked card, Nathan Gorman meets graceless Ghanaian Richard Lartey and Willy Hutchinson takes on Spaniard Jose Miguel Fandino.

Muheeb Fazeldin and Mark Chamberlain additionally return.

Official loads underneath:

Liam Williams – 11st 6lb

Andrew Robinson – 11st 5lb 5oz

Nathan Gorman – 19st 7lbs 3oz

Richard Lartey – 18st 4lb 6oz

Willy Hutchinson – 12st 1lb 7oz

Jose Miguel Fandino – 12st 1lb 8oz

Muheeb Fazeldin – 9st 3lb 6oz

Luke Jones – 9st 4lb 8oz

Imprint Chamberlain – 9st 12lb 5oz

Shaun Cooper – 9st 10lb 7oz